Tiger's Den

Welcome to "The Tigers' Den!"  This after-school program provides a safe learning environment with structured academic activities between the hours of 2:30-5:30 p.m.  The activities will consist of homework help, computer instruction, story time-read alouds and silent reading, games, puzzles, some physical activities, Educational Television programs, and occasional crafts.  Snacks will be provided as well.  This program is a self-supporting program, which means it will count on the financial support of the families to pay for the adult supervision and lessons.  Without this support, there will be no program.              


As a parent you can expect the following from The Tigers' Den:

1. Monitoring of your child's academics from a friendly, supportive adult team.

2. Supervision - for your child's safety.

3. Fair treatment of your child.

4. We will assist your child with homework.

5. Your child will not be released to persons not included on the registration form without prior written approval.

As a parent or guardian of a child enrolled in The Tigers' Den you will be expected to:

1. Pay required fees on time.

2. Keep your child's records current.

3. Pick up your child at the designated time.

4. Follow the health policy.

5. Support the staff in attempts to improve inappropriate behavior.

6. Discuss concerns.

IRS Statements

The Tigers' Den does not accept responsibility to provide itemized statements for the program. Please keep all receipts for this purpose. 

Registration and Enrollment

The Tigers' Den encourages attendance for all and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, color, creed, national origin, ethnic background, or religious preference.

1. A child may be registered for the program during regular school hours or anytime during program hours. A child cannot begin until all required fees and forms are provided.

2. Required forms:

 a.       Completed registration form with proof of school insurance coverage (insurance is included in the $30.00 registration fee)

b.      Signed enrollment agreement

c.       Signed discipline policy

d.      Authorization to dispense medication form for all participants requiring daily medication.

Withdrawal From Program

It is requested that any parent wishing to withdraw their child from the program provide in writing their

intention to discontinue service with a brief explanation. We welcome your comments, positive and negative, so that we can provide better service to all of our children

and Sign-Out Procedures

An authorized parent/guardian or person must sign out your child at time of pick up by initializing the Sign-Out Roster.

Children will not be permitted to leave with anyone not listed on their registration form.  The parent/guardian must notify us in writing of any person that they are authorizing to pick up their child who was not previously listed.  Phone calls are not an acceptable means of granting permission for a child to leave with an unauthorized adult, due to the fact that we may not be able to verify the caller's voice. 

A parent cannot be denied access to their child unless a court order is on file.

Scheduled and Unscheduled No School, School Opening Delays and School Closing

1.       Scheduled no school days-There will be no program on these days. We will monitor this for interest for interest for future openings.

2.       Unscheduled no-school days-There will be no program on days that school is canceled due to weather problems.  If bad weather forces early dismissal of students during school hours, the program will not operate.

Distribution of Medications

A Medication Authorization Form must be filled out for all prescriptions or over the counter medications.  The medication must be provided in the original container preprinted with or accompanied by the Doctor's instructions. This must be given to the adult team by the parent/guardian-not the child.  This is a safety issue.

Health and Safety

If your child has a known medical condition, please notify the Program Director on proper procedures for handling any crisis that might arise.  Please be sure to provide in writing any activity that your child may not participate in that may aggravate his/her condition.  You must provide all special food requirements for your child.

Please send a change of clothes for any child that has a history of wetting or soiling clothes.  We will not call you to pick your child up if he/she is able to clean himself/herself.

In case of an accident or illness, the parent/guardian of a child will be call immediately.  In serious cases, the child will be transported to the nearest hospital by emergency vehicle for treatment and the parent will be notified as soon as possible.


The $30.00 registration fee covers school insurance.  This paperwork must be completed prior to beginning the program.  The Tigers' Den does insure participants for accidents occurring during program hours. 

Minimum Enrollment

The Tigers' Den is a self-supported program. The program needs a minimum of 25 students to run cost efficiently. If this becomes a problem, parents will be notified immediately. 


Tiger's Den Discipline Agreement


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